College Bound AZ Scholarships

Scholarship Name
Summary Criteria

Dianna L. Sharps Memorial Scholarship

Dianna L. Sharps received her BS in Electrical Engineering from DeVry University. She contributed significantly to College Bound AZ’s success by designing and creating our digital presence and establishing our Laptop Scholarship criteria. We miss her creativity and pioneering spirit.

John Bunyard Memorial Scholarship for Culinary Arts

Laptop Scholarship

Students may not be prepared for the increased technology demands of college. Donate to this fund to purchase a laptop for college.

Matt Watson State Farm and Bree Watson Community Service Scholarship

Celeste’s living situation required that she work to help pay rent – in addition to going to school. Unfortunately, transportation was an issue. Through the Greatest Need Scholarship, Celeste received an electric bike that helped her get to work and school.

Your donation makes all the difference in our students’ lives

Thank you for sharing such an amazing gift, the Dianna L. Sharps Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship helped me through a hard time. Purchasing college supplies, gas, and other necessities made college so much more affordable.”

Elliott is a Dianna L. Sharps Memorial Scholarship recipient