Paige Arriaga

College:  Arizona State University

Major:  Microbiology (Magna Cum Laude)

RISE Start:  2019

Graduation Year:  2023

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Paige Arriaga as GCU employee

In 2019, Paige Arriaga was a high school senior who had not applied for financial aid for college. “Why didn’t I apply? I’ve been poor my whole life. I know I’m not going anywhere. What’s the rush?”

Paige was unaware her life was about to change. College Bound AZ helped Paige complete her college application and her application for federal financial aid. The result was four years of paid tuition and fees to attend Arizona State University, where Paige graduated magna cum laude with her bachelor’s degree in Microbiology. College Bound AZ assisted Paige in preparing for professional interviews, and she was hired by Grand Canyon University as the Microbiology Laboratory Coordinator.

Paige appreciated the help she received to land her first professional position. “The part that meant the most to me was the help I got transitioning from college to the workplace. I was not prepared for that and I didn’t know what to do or how to go forward. College Bound AZ was extremely helpful.”

Paige had her first child while still in college and is the first in her family to complete a college degree.